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Subscription & Membership


Membership to RailWorks Depot is free and there is no obligation to pay or donate.  Members do get some free downloads they can download like tutorials and help files and utility €™s that are hosted on the site. Routes and assets unless listed on this page are subscription only this is not to make a profit but to help fund the band width and running costs of the site.


Please note to make sure of a succesful completion of your subscription that your email address on your payment provider matches your registered email address on site - Thanks


It is important that after taking out a subscription, especially for the first time, that you log out and back into the site after the transaction has been confirmed, for your new settings to take effect



If you are on the old system and your subscription rolls over you can use the unsubscribe button to leave the old subscription system.  Then you can select one of the options above to re-register on the new subscription system.