Frequently asked questions


How to get the SubScription Account

    It is easy to create your subscription account. Choose your desired Subscription term on the Subscription page. You'll be sent to PayPal page, where you can either login with your existing PayPal account, or you can simply purchase by credit card. When your purchase is complete, you'll be sent back to the main site. 

How to Cancel your Subscription Account

    You can cancel your Subscription account at any time you wish yourself, the process is fully automatic. In order to cancel, you just need to cancel your subscription (automatic payments) in PayPal. As soon as our system recognizes you're no longer paying, it will delete your subscription Account. All your unpaid access to files will stop files  when your subscription expires.

Unauthorized payments

    If you found out that you're subscribed to Railworksdepot without your authorization, it means somebody else paid for it instead of you. It may be a member of your family or a complete stranger (hacker) who knows your PayPal password or credit card number. If this is your case, then it should be your first step to login into PayPal and change your password there as soon as possible in order to prevent any further abuse. In all cases, it is our policy to refund you all payments which were made without your authorization. To resolve this situation, first cancel your subscription in PayPal (this will stop your automatic payments) and then contact us to get the refund. Remember to let us know either your subscription ID or your email address you're using in PayPal, so we could identify you correctly. 

If you didn't receive reply to a question or request

    When you send us a question or request and it seems nobody answers, check your SPAM/JUNK folder, in most cases all the lost communication ends up there. We are working hard to reply to all messages within few hours, however sometimes it may take longer (especially during weekends). If you do not get any answer within two days and you are sure our reply didn't end up in your junk folder, send it again please.