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17-12 22:25:50 borec009 :) :):):)
17-12 22:25:28 borec009 Čau.
6-10 12:48:06 cl44martin Are you still "open for buisiness" or closed down. Cant get any result on this web page?:
9-1 19:50:39 JayMurray Hello? I'm looking for an admin.
21-11 7:35:33 cl44martin Hi there. Can i still get the midland (blue) pullman from RWD. Thanks.
19-8 11:26:39 nigelbpool hi all anyone about
29-7 8:15:13 Admin sorry I been so quiet but back and better than ever
24-7 16:37:49 System Welcome!
18-1 13:01:58 saintly1941 Hellol
18-1 13:00:53 saintly1941 Anyone on-line?
19-4 16:44:46 tech test
25-3 18:19:47 Speed Hunter Hello ?
22-3 22:18:34 spikesden it was when I was doing the re-skin for the spt orange, I was browsing through the images when it caught my eye, & well decided to do that also, seeing as I'am improving in my Re-Skin skills I though I would re-do it in 2048x2048 so the details are sharper hope you like it
22-3 22:13:48 spikesden Hi peter
22-3 21:18:10 mogwizard Hi Ken ...hows it going?...saw your 101 in SPT...intrigued...where did you get the idea
21-3 13:59:54 spikesden talking to john ATM on skype
21-3 13:57:39 spikesden hello peter
20-3 23:28:05 mogwizard Hows it going?
20-3 22:04:17 spikesden will chat again
20-3 22:03:53 mogwizard np Ken glad to have been of help.
20-3 22:03:31 spikesden np peter thanks for what you've done
20-3 22:03:01 mogwizard Ok Ken I'll let you get on and I will say goodnight..and get myself some supper
20-3 22:02:35 spikesden good
20-3 22:02:20 spikesden yes just a couple more things to do & should be goot to go
20-3 22:02:14 mogwizard sorry ..that was the caps key...not me over
20-3 22:01:35 mogwizard you know wHAT YOU ARE DOING ON THAT ONE?
20-3 21:59:49 spikesden just need to edit the lines.tgpcdx located in the class 43 \texture folder now just make it fully maroon
20-3 21:58:29 mogwizard It was layered after all
20-3 21:57:52 mogwizard touche...I've done the same
20-3 21:52:34 spikesden ok edited looks better
20-3 21:46:29 spikesden ill just try something give me a momment
20-3 21:45:36 mogwizard I'm not sure if it can be depends on whether it is layered or not.
20-3 21:45:35 spikesden I've got it open
20-3 21:44:25 mogwizard If so the tgpdx files are in the MSRTB folder not the TSO so you would need to alter the geopcdx files to show that
20-3 21:44:06 spikesden the center logo just needs to be a bit bigger
20-3 21:41:42 mogwizard Would you want the rest to look the same ?
20-3 21:39:14 spikesden looks great could get away with that
20-3 21:31:35 spikesden just loading up ts to check out
20-3 21:30:37 mogwizard I have just had a look on the website and seen the model by Hornby.......not exactly to rights...but it might be near enough without mucking about with the geometry
20-3 21:27:16 spikesden thanks peter ill get it in & have a look
20-3 21:25:24 mogwizard That is using exactly the same geometry as the HST FGW F Green.....only the colurs and the logo have changed
20-3 21:21:29 spikesden ok getting it now
20-3 21:20:47 mogwizard
20-3 21:20:43 spikesden thanks peter
20-3 21:20:22 mogwizard won't be a tick and I'll give you the link
20-3 21:18:48 spikesden yes i,am here
20-3 21:16:16 mogwizard Hi Ken...if you are still there...I am uploading a zip file to media fire.....just unzip it and copy and paste the EWS folder into the HST packo1...I have only done the buffet but id you like it then I am sure we can get the rest done.
20-3 19:55:45 spikesden that's great got time to get my tea made & munched LOL
20-3 19:55:01 mogwizard Ok give me some time ..perhaps an hour or so and I'll see what I can do.......what file name have you used for your model?
20-3 19:53:46 spikesden that would be great peter
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