7/10/12 Free Vegetation Upgrade for CR ECML Modern see

Free to All Section in file Library


9/9/12 - Shinkansen Route added - JWR Virgin Class 08s & XC HST



26/8/12 - Shunter reskins by JWR




6/8/12 - Finchy Section added in downloads FTPE 185 & 47901



 Jmills SECML Scenarios

JMILLS has been busy creating some superb scenario's for the SECML Addon. Which are now available for download in the Downloads Section. Here are the descriptions of the Scenario's:


Fife Delta - A trip from Dundee to Edinburgh limited stop service with a Deltic in charge

Fife Dawn - Take the ECS from Glenrothes to Kirkcaldy for an early morning commuter run to Edinburgh and then ECS back out to Haymarket using the prototype refurbished Class 101


Must Say JMILLS has done a fantastic job of the Scenarios, and are well worth a look. Personally i cant wait to see more of his work after sampling these.

New Blue Pullman Scenarios for Oxford - Paddington before the wires uploaded 9/6/2012




Srimera's BDA Wagon

If you have been watching the forums recently, you have probably come accross Srimeras brilliant Wagons Project. Well finally we have a great taster of whats to come. Srimera has Released his first Wagon, a BDA Steel carrier and is available now in the Downloads Section. But if your like me and cannot wait to get a glimps of Srimera's brilliant work then here is a quick Screenshot!!


 Screenshot TestTraK 51.11634-6.22407 12-00-15


Srimera has also added a variety of varients with different types of loads, and as you would expect from Srimera he is busy on his next Wagon already!!!. Check out his Forum thread for current progress and for any questions you might have.