About Railworks Depot


1. About

Railworksdepot allows everyone to upload files to our servers and then share the download links with friends or even strangers on the World Wide Web.


2. Features

  • Multiple upload file selection - select multiple files in the appropriate dialog. It is also possible to add more files to our upload one by one, if your browser doesn't support multiple file input.
  • Unlimited upload size - all users can upload files of any size. Total amount of uploaded files is unlimited, as well as total size of your uploads. Bear in mind, however, that there is a file-size limit on the server for each file, so it is recommended to split your big files into smaller parts to make it sure it uploads correctly.
  • New technologies - RWDhosting fully supports all future technologies and standards, including the fifth revision of the HTML standard (HTML5) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). We are eager to add new features and functionalities as they emerge.


3. Limits

Feel free to upload all file types. User is allowed to upload only legal files which are freely distributable. Shall the user upload anything illegal, it will be deleted immediately upon notice.

There is no limit for the amount of downloads. Every user can download any file as long as the file is not deleted. it may be marked as Subscription Only - unavailable for free download. In that case, only subscribers are able to download it. The circumstances under which a file is marked as subscription Only may vary from time to time, and from file to file.  


4. Presence

All uploaded files will remain available for download forever, as long as the file is downloaded often. If there are no downloads at all within 30 days then the file is maybe considered expired and it is permanently deleted. Files of subscription users never expire even if nobody downloads them, as long as the subsciption account is kept active (paid). However, all files which are not legally distributable may be deleted even for subscription users.